Amaranthine Myriad

Dimensionally Volatile Artificer


Back Story:

A realm where no man controlled the sky or what laid beyond it. A realm with an astral sea full of all types of ships and stations. Technologies being invented, tested, and scraped every day. A realm of advancement and exploration. A home to a young lady- obsessed with travel, pathways, portals, and how each functioned. A goal to explore pass what the eye can see.

The first known warp drive was created by a team of expert engineers- The drive was taxing on ships and energy however, it allowed warp speed. Warp speed took ships lightyears worth of time within a matter of days.

The first known warpway portal was created by a young lady- she called it a Warp Port. This warpway could take an entire ship from one end of the astral sea to another without sacrificing the energy needed to use warp drive; travel time was as quick as a shot from a gun. The upkeep for such a portal involved a handful of skilled castors and engineers to maintain and monitor it everyday. It was an enhanced ritual (copyrighted with secret ingredients) that used a combination of magic and technology. The young lady became well known for her work and was commissioned around the astral seas creating personal and public Warp Ports.

Our young lady had an even bigger dream. Years of research consumed her life, she wanted to put her visions and ideals into action. A personal project.

The astral seas are mysterious, but knows no stranger. Realms and planes- dimensions beyond the seas are what the young lady yearned to reach; strange and unlikely places to venture. She started a project to create a warpway into a “nearby” (according to her hypothetical calculations) dimension. The news of her project spread like wildfire- turning her well known name into notorious and insane. It only took a couple of years for her to announce that the “Astral Gateway” was completed and ready for its first exploration.

A handful of people applied for the mission into the gate. Most of the crew was composed of her loyal team members that worked with her throughout her career, others were thrill seeking adventurers and those of a bit more questionable mentality. Headlines stated the time for when the Astral Gateway was to activate. Headlines also made it a point to call it a suicide mission and to inform any bystanders to stear clear of the area at the time of sail.

The astral engineering council, wise and seasoned engineers, told the young lady, “You can not break the boundaries set by the gods.” To which she replied, “Not until you try, I will break the boundaries and meet them- and even if I fail, will I still meet these gods?”

The Astral gateway activated, the ship passed through, everything went silent, the young lady and her crew were never heard from again. Years later, the gateway served as a memorial site and a reminder. A reminder of a failed mission: to set sights for boundaries beyond what the gods set for mortals to explore.

Amaranthine Myriad

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