Quinn (Deceased)

Vengeful Vryloka Monk


Quinn was born to Vryloka family that lived among an all human town as nobles and always passed as humans themselves. Lived with mother father and 2 younger siblings, brother and sister. The town as a whole as not very rich but Quinn’s family was wealthy and well off even though it never really seemed like the father or anyone worked. They never had any problems with the other towns people. But when he was 8 something happened and the townspeople somehow found out of his families true heritage. Feeling angry and jealous and scared from the news they raised up together against his family. One night the gathered and marched on the manor. Setting the house ablaze while ransacking the family. Being caught off guard they quickly killed his mother and father. Quinn woke to the noise of the attack and quickly gathered his brother and sister. Trying to flee the mob a flaming beam fell between him and his siblings. Quinn saw the mob quickly descend on his siblings and fearing for his own life he continued to run and escaped to the woods nearby. Wondering the woods cold and alone Quinn was sacred but also angry with his lack of strength to save his family and angry at the world that seemed to hate him just for being alive.

After traveling for days he came upon a monastery secluded in the woods he thought about trying to steal food of course because why would he trust these people who hated him. He waited till dusk and broke into the building. Being as quite as he could he search for the kitchen. Coming around a corner he came face to face with a monk. Again afraid for his life he tried to run when at last his exhaustion over took him and he passed out.

When he finally awoke he found himself laying in a bed, his wounds tended to and a meal of fruits and bread waiting him on the stand next to the bed. Without thinking he began to feverish eat. Soon the monk he ran into last night came in and explained to Quinn where he was and that he was safe here. The monks happen to be the head of the order here and offered Quinn to stay here and join them in their quest. Quinn still leery of people questioned this but looking at the monk couldn’t help but see how strong he seemed to be. Wanting that strength for himself he agreed to stay.

As years passed Quinn trained with the monks and grew strong, but never really adopting their way of peace. Stronger than most of the monks due to his vryloka heritage. While he still did not trust humans completely he did actually grow close to the head monk who saved him.

When he reached his 25th birthday he decided he had learned all he could from the monks and decided to set forth into the world and make his own way. Tall and strong and extremely handsome he found it very easy to talk his way in any situation. He took up as a fighter for hire for he found this would be the easiest way to make money while getting stronger and also being able to meet many people and hear all the worlds’ secrets. He made friends with what most would consider the “wrong crowd”. Ruffians drunkards and whores were his family now for they know what others didn’t. But in reality he was just using them for their information and own desires. For in his mind he would never forget what happen to his family and is determined to follow any lead to any length to find out why his family was killed. Who was it that told the towns people and condemned his family to die? He would know one day no matter what. This is what drives him mind body and soul.

Quinn (Deceased)

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