Vod (Deceased)

Vampiric Changeling Socialite


Vod is a rare breed of turned changeling known as a psionic, or psychic vampire. Rather than using elongated fangs to drink blood from others to sustain himself, he gathers strength by siphoning energy from other individuals. He has admitted to the party that he drains his victims of their emotions, as well as general life force. Although this particular type of vampirism cannot be spread, it may have some limited ability of transmission. The chief reasoning behind this being Vod’s (Roxi at the time) and Reeve’s late night ‘encounter’, where shared feelings of mutual pleasure may have gifted Reeve with his cursed arm.

Vod is a character with pale cream skin, tall azure hair, and rather effeminate features. His attire consists of a form fitting black jumpsuit. On the sides starting from the waist and extending down to the ankle is a repeating diamond cut pattern that exposes skin. Golden-yellow shoulder guards that sharply extend to the sides is worn over the jumpsuit. These angle down on his chest and are joined by a flat diamond shaped jewel in the center. Extending from underneath his shoulder guards is a cloak that has colored black and yellow stripes that run vertically to the bottom where it ends in sharp points. This outfit vaguely resembles a harlequin.

His accessories include tight gloves and a yellowish visor who’s shape is similar to Wear Over Glasses.

Vod has a calm and peaceful personality. He prefers to tackle problems from a diplomatic angle rather than resorting to violence. Even then, he prefers to have someone fight in his place should a fight break out. While he is typically polite, his attitude can occasionally be snobbish when it comes to participating in activities he doesn’t want to do. Vod has a strong admiration for individuals that show mental discipline, and will happily compliment those that pontificate on a situation rather than rush in or cause a scene. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and will berate them with sarcasm when he thinks they are acting foolishly.

Vod has expensive tastes. He enjoys the finer things in life, though he rarely gets a chance to these days. He dislikes getting his clothes dirty, even going as far as to avoid combat because of this. While he is an excellent socialite, his skills with magic and technology are lacking. He is prone to calling creatures or things he doesn’t understand ‘lions’. He does this in an ironic fashion as there are basically zero lions in space.

Probably due in some small part to his heritage of changing into different genders and species over the years, he is a noted pansexual.

Amarin: While at first Vod wanted little to do with Amarin, he eventually afforded her a modicum of respect due to the simple fact that she is one of the few party members who seems to have a brain in their heads. While he remains dubious of her title as ‘Captain’, he is perfectly happy with letting her deal with trying to keep a leash on the rest of the crew. He highly doubts her backstory as an immortal dimensional traveler, chalking it up to delusions of grandeur. Vod wants to trust her, but stories of her past lead him to be suspicious of her true motivations. He is particularly fond of getting underneath her skin, though he does not mean anything by it.

Quinn: Quinn is probably the closest person Vod can currently get to calling a friend. When Quinn revealed his troubled past, it reminded Vod of his own, and he immediately felt a kinship with the new stowaway. On top of that, seeing Quinn’s strength led Vod to consider having him serve as a ‘bodyguard’ of sorts. While he has occasionally worked to manipulate Quinn on some level, Vod seems to truly care for his well being. He has even willingly put himself in dangerous situations in order to support him. He tries his best to temper the monk’s emotions. He is not a fan of drunk Quinn.

Reeve: While they may have shared a brief sensual stint in between seasons, the changeling regularly holds a loathsome nature toward Reeve. To Vod, he is the antithesis of everything the psy-vamp stands for. Reeve’s ADD personality, and particular kleptomania are the root cause for Vod’s dislike. What’s more, there are times when his accursed party member can seem cogently resourceful, but those moments seem to come and go like changes in the wind.

Buckthorn: The worst offense that comes to Vod’s mind about Buckthorn is that he forgets he’s there half the time. To him, Buckthorn seems like nothing more than a mentally handicapped Dragonborn. He’s technically not even sure how he’s kept himself alive up until this point. Vod view’s Buckthorn’s gullibility with great contempt, but generally dismisses it considering it’s so easy to use against him. He is highly suspicious of the were-bear because of his near constant praise about being best buddies with Kappa.

Disram: Not to be confused with Destrem, Disram joined the party briefly to help with a train heist. His immediate disapproval of Reeve qualified him instantly as a great team member to Vod. He was relatively curious of what Disram looked like. He would often question him about his race or ask him to remove his helmet, all of which Disram declined to do. Mostly, Vod hoped that Buckthorn would succumb to his illness, allowing Disram to be a permanent member to the crew. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Charles: Vod had little interaction with the old magician, and generally found it a good idea to avoid being within any proximity of him. When it turned out that he was possessed by Abaddon, Vod (as Roxi) was happy to put an end to his destructive habits.

Destrem: Although Destrem’s time with the party was short lived, Vod held a relative appreciation for his company. A snappy dresser, with manners to boot. While he tended to dislike when Destrem laid the business on too thick, he typically admitted to sharing many key traits with the Tiefling. When Destrem was recalled back to Kappa Korp, some small part of Vod felt disappointed.

Zealot: Vod didn’t share many encounters with Zealot. For the most part, he assumed she was a lifeless robot. When he observed that she seemed to understand emotion, and even convey some herself, he had second thoughts about her. While he respected her strong will, he also knew that the day would come when their fates would be at each others necks over where the Reality Engine should end up. Luckily, she was recalled back to Kappa Korp before any major falling out could happen.

Vod was raised by a travelling caravan of changeling entertainers. They taught him that he could choose whatever name and face he wanted for himself, and thus it has been changing ever since. Eventually he broke off from the caravan with a few others and founded what would become Erotecx, a group of pornographic performers. Vod began working with mages to record his actors and contain the ‘plays’ into memory shards which he could sell. This was a breakthrough in technology, you could now watch porn anywhere using the shards.

While venturing out himself to retrieve a new powerful type of shard, Vod abruptly disappeared for months. When he resurfaced, he found his company under new management. A short while afterwards the Erotecx headquarters was mysteriously destroyed. Whether this was sabotage, or an experimental failure was unsure. The company expressed their condolences at the loss of it’s previous founder, and Vod was presumed dead.

Quite some time later, Kappa Korp. finds Vod drifting through the astral space in what looks like a metal coffin. He agrees to pay his debt to them by working directly under Kappa Casablanca. With that, he has joined the current crew in their hopes to recover the Reality Engine.

It is unknown what Vod wants the Engine for, if he even wants it at all. He seems to be preoccupied by other things…

As repayment for freeing him from his metal prison, Vod (Under the persona Roxi) agrees to accompany a ragtag crew in order to retrieve the Reality Engine for Kappa. Throughout the season it’s demonstrated that Roxi would prefer to talk her way out of danger than actively fight, much to the crew’s chagrin.

Fairly temperamental, and not one to enjoy getting dirty, Roxi preferred to stay hidden in the shadows and out of sight. As the season went on it was revealed that the reason she was maintaining a low profile was because she was attempting to track someone down. During a stop at a Dal Quor hospital, Roxi was able to make her way into an administrative office. With the help of Zealot, she discovered that Kalypso had erased all records of Erotecx from ever having existed. Later the party would discover that all Dal Quor products contain trace amounts of achnium, slowly rendering the user into a mindless schlump.

While exploring the factory that served as the birthplace for the Reality Engine, Roxi discovered that the same green shard that had him meet with a terrible fate all those years ago was being used as an energy source for the engine. Along with it the fact that Dal Quor had been leaking coordinates to the factory for some time, tying his fate with the crew’s mission.

After the defeat of Sasha’s bio-mechanical mutant hydra and escape from her upgraded ship, Roxi realized that staying with the crew in order to secure the engine may be a more important task than her own mission of revenge. Plus, she figured she’d probably meet up with Kalypso considering Dal Quor was seemingly involved in the whole thing anyway. She wanted to make absolutely sure however. Because of this, unbeknownst to the crew, she made a deal with Kiara in private: A chance to meet Kalypso in exchange for the engine itself.

In Stowaways, it’s revealed that Roxi has had some type of sensual encounter with Reeve since their time in the first season. She has also undertaken a new persona known as “Vod”.

During Midnight Deliverance, Vod works to keep Zyrella alive after being injured by a vampire hunter. She seems to grow on him.

When Vod sees that Quinn is throwing away his life by insulting a brutish gnoll in There Will Be Blood, he telepathically sends him a message in the hopes that he will choose life over being stubborn. During their battle with El Brutanito in A Spell for Chameleon, Vod successfully convinces a manticore to fight for their cause. When Amarin and Reeve threaten Quinn’s life and spot in the party during Party Lines, Vod seizes the opportunity to begin a relationship with the monk, sharing that his own past was very similar to his own. With that, the two seemed to carry a bond.

In Marauded and Marooned, Vod works with Buckthorn to jump from one spaceship to another, scaring the shit out of the attacking pirate.

Tired of his own crew acting like idiots, Vod has Quinn make a tough decision in Forsaken. Buckthorn ultimately survives, despite having the two desert him.

When running into their previous murdered ‘selves’ from an alternate timeline in Hall of Horrors, Vod laments to Quinn about how horrible Roxi looked in her condition. As Quinn was unaware that Vod was in fact Roxi at one point, he simply dismisses it.

Shoggoth Showdown marks the first time in the season that Vod actively participates in combat instead of simply relying on other methods to help the party. Let’s be honest here though, the whole talk-a-manticore-into-fighting-for-you thing was pretty awesome.

When the crew learns the true origins behind the Reality Engine in Revelations, Vod decides to rethink his plans about what to do once they find it. He also begins questioning whether he can truly rely on his deal with Kiara.

During Frenemies, Vod runs into members of his previous crew that so many years ago went on a top secret mission to obtain some of the achnium. After taking care of them in Thralldown, it is revealed that their masters may be the same ones behind the current problem with the Reality Engine.

In Dal Quor, Vod trusts Quinn enough to reveal that his current form isn’t new, and that it is actually his birth form. He also reveals that Vod was the first name he ever chose for himself. This marks Vod’s first attempt at hunting down Kalypso. He also planned to take out his sire Belladonna, in order to be completely free from her control.

Using the security card given to him by Kiara, Vod leads the party into the Dal Quor HQ. There he reveals that the place used to be his. More specifically, that he used to own the company before it was taken over and revamped by Kalypso. Thus the reason for his planned revenge.

Belladonna sees Vod’s confrontation with his sire. When he laments over her changing sides, she chides him, saying that Erotecx was small time and that Kalypso has bigger and better plans. He is taken by surprise when she reveals that because she is his maker, she could keep tabs on him the whole time. With the knowledge that Kalypso is aware he is still alive, Vod angrily attacks her.

Vod (Deceased)

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