The Reality Engine

Legendary Far Realm Artifact


Final Season Info:

The power of the Engine has been fully realized, its mystery revealed. Long ago, the Illithid created the Reality Engine as a key to bring their patron god, Ach’Nathep, into the mortal realm. However, for reasons that are still unclear, it was never activated; the Engine and the factory that housed it were lost in a cosmic storm (later to be discovered by Dal Quor and Sasha Casablanca).

In the showdown at the end of Season 2, Sasha hastily drew the power from the Engine, inadvertently starting Ach’Nathep’s summoning ritual. Now, a vile schism forms at the edge of the universe. Ships that traverse this tear in space and time never return…

Meanwhile, the Engine remains out of Dal Quor’s clutches, safely in the hands of the party. Although its power is fully drained, a small mote of energy hovers within its hollow core, perhaps a hint of things to come.

Season 2 Info:

An artifact of unimaginable power, dormant for eons in a crumbling ancient factory a midst a roiling cosmic storm. Rediscovered and stolen by the Kappa Korp airship captain Sasha Casablanca, betraying her employer in the process.

The party has uncovered some startling information about the Engine, but the true extent of its power still remains a mystery:

  • The Reality Engine was created using Far Realm technology by an undisclosed race. It supposedly has the power to “grant wishes,” at least according to rumor.
  • The party witnessed Sasha’s handiwork first hand – she had used the Engine to perform bizarre experiments, melding flesh, and even souls, to machinery.
  • The pharmaceutical giant Dal Quor apparently had coordinates to the Reality Engine’s factory for an extended period of time, and had gradually leaked said coordinates to all the major corporations of Eberron. The motive behind such a bizarre act remains unknown.

More to come…


The Reality Engine

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