Erotecx was the name of the company founded by Vod while using the persona of Rodsy/Dixi Normous.

It consisted of pornographic performance artists who would travel the globe putting on XXX shows for the masses. As it’s popularity grew, Vod brought in mages who helped them record these sessions into memory shards, the likes of which could be recalled upon anytime the owner wished. This meant that Vod could sell his shards and have the owner watch them wherever they went.

Vod disappeared for roughly a year while out on a mission to obtain a new powerful type of shard. This prompted the company to come under new management to continue operations. Upon his reappearance, there were rumors of butting heads behind closed doors.

Not too long after Vod’s return the main headquarters of the company was completely destroyed. The reason behind this is still a mystery to this day. However, it was believed that Vod had died in the blast. With it’s original owner dead and the majority of it’s resources missing, the company was soon dissolved.

During season 1 while investigating a Dal Quor hospital, Vod learns that all information regarding Erotecx has been expunged.


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