The Major Corporations of Eberron

Money Talks

The vast majority of wealth in the Astral Plane is controlled by 6 major corporations. Those that aren’t in the employ of one of these corporate bodies have an extremely difficult lot in life, and are usually reduced to pirating and other illicit lines of work. Not that the corporations are models of morality either, of course, but the golden rule is just as it ever was: he who has the gold, makes the rules.

By this point and time, all of the major businesses have moved their bases of operation to celestial bodies in the Astral Plane. The old planet of Eberron, now referred to as “Terra Firma,” is more or less a polluted husk, where clean water and profit are scarce. That said, there are those that still eke out simple existence on the planet’s surface.

The Corporations

1. Kappa Korp – The most lucrative corporation in all of Eberron, Kappa Korp remains extremely profitable by always being on the cutting edge of new technologies. This is, of course, thanks in no small part to risky experimentation and questionable safety standards.

  • Domain – Applied Arcane Sciences
  • Primary Races – Tiefling, Goblin, Kobold


2. GnollCo. – More organized crime family than business, GnollCo strong arms its way into huge profits by “edging out” the competition. Rumors of extortion and corporate espionage are usually quelled by a few greased palms or threatening notes.

  • Domain – Shipping and Storage
  • Primary Races – Gnoll, Bugbear, Orc


3. The Iron Gate Group – The largest corporation in the world, composed of a bureaucratic triad of three different races. The Iron Gate Group doesn’t take unnecessary risks and usually concerns itself with the mundane: raw material sales and arms dealing.

  • Domain – Law Enforcement (Dragonborn), Weapons (Dwarf), Building Materials (Human)
  • Primary Races – Dragonborn, Dwarf, Human


4. Umbrage Farms – The foremost agricultural company, Umbrage Farms has at least some stake in every major plantation, vineyard, and arboretum in the civilized world. The Elvish leadership has a strict policy against waste, much to the chagrin of other companies.

  • Domain – Agriculture and Livestock
  • Primary Races – Elf


5. Gith Conglomerate – A methodical partnership between two applied engineering companies, the Conglomerate takes a safe and scientific approach to its research. One sector focuses on data recording, the other on arcane constructs (such as the Warforged).

  • Domain – Arcane Research and Development
  • Primary Races – Eladrin, Githzerai


6. Dal Quor Pharmaceuticals – The most secretive of Eberron’s corporations, Dal Quor has always taken a particular interest in warp shard research, specifically biological applications such as medicine, recreational substances, and performance-enhancing compounds.

  • Domain – Biological Studies
  • Primary Races – Kalashtar, Githyanki

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The Major Corporations of Eberron

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