Warp Shards

Warp Shards as Meta-Currency


Achnium, a rare green ore colloquially known as “Warp Shard,” is used as a vital raw ingredient in emerging technologies. The larger achnium ingots are often broken down into grapefruit-sized crystalline fragments for easy transport and exchange.

Kappa Casablanca will gladly upgrade the players’ gear in exchange for shards.

  • 500 Gold: 1 Warp Shard
  • Potion of Healing: 2 Warp Shards
  • 1600 Gold: 3 Warp Shards
  • +1 Item: 3 Warp Shards
  • Upgrade +1 Item to +2: 5 Warp Shards
  • +2 Item: 6 Warp Shards
  • Upgrade +2 Item to +3: 10 Warp Shards
  • +3 Item: 12 Warp Shards
  • Upgrade +3 Item to +4: 15 Warp Shards
  • +4 Item: 20 Warp Shards
  • Kappa Korp Revive-O-Matic Defibrillator Device: 10 Warp Shards
  • The Kappa Korp Big Box ‘O Lost ‘N Found: 2 Warp Shards per 1d20 Roll

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The History of Achnium

Fifteen years ago, a cataclysmic explosion rocked the shores of a small industrial island nation. From the fallout of the disaster, a strange green mineral was discovered; the raw ore, dubbed Achnium, held untold magical properties and a seemingly limitless source of arcane power.

Over the next year, thousands of entrepreneurs, scientists, and prospectors flocked to the Achnium mines, eager to research (and exploit) the newly discovered ore. Within weeks of its first excavation, warp shards were touted to have applications to a number of industries, both magical and mundane. Within a month, warp shards provided significant advances in steam technology, metal smelting, and arcane data storage. Within three months, the first prototypes for “airborne vessels” and “handheld cannons” were introduced. Within a half year, several nations had crafted airships worthy enough to breach Ebberon’s atmosphere, and into the untold riches of the Astral Plane above.

The roughly 12-month period following Achnium’s discovery became known as “The Year of Enlightenment.” In that short time, the whole of society advanced centuries. In its wake, wars were fought and kingdoms fell.

Today, six major corporations control the vast majority of wealth, monopolizing key industries. Most citizens ally themselves to one of these corporations, while the colonies of the Astral Planes have quickly become a bastion for vagrants, too poor to afford living on the surface world, and pirates, eager to plunder company-owned ships.

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Warp Shards

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