The Reality Engine - Final Season

Hostile Passengers
Who turned up the AC?

When the party decides to set course for the Black Market, the ship is thrown out of warp as a new foe suddenly appears on the ship.

Vod and Everin make a secret agreement.

While the crew has a debriefing with their boss Kappa, Vod slinks off to make a secret agreement with Everin.

Because of Our Actions
Astral ISIS

Saving the world gets slightly more difficult when your crew is considered astral-wide terrorist. Should the party refuse to accept this new title, or embrace it?

Patch Adams this ain't.

The Kappa crew must not only survive against their battle with the fearsome Bella, but also deal with the repercussions of their own actions afterwards…

Thought Interloper
Get out of our heads, it's not safe in there!

As the battle against Bella wages on, Vod must fight against his sire’s desire to turn him against his own teammates.

Bloodsucking freaks

Vod comes face to face with the woman who turned him into a vampire against his will. But when he rushes her he learns that her control over him is more powerful than once thought.

Where's Buffy when ya need her?

The party continues to investigate the Dal Quor HQ. When they breach the CEO office, they are caught off guard.

Acid Bath
Buckthorn's melting away...

Struggling to survive, the crew must contend with the warp shard infused behemoths and trying to save Buckthorn from melting away at the same time.

Friendly Fire

When Buckthorn and Reeve hatch a plan, the results put the crew at an alarming disadvantage.

Weird Science
Where's the hot babe?

Investigating the HQ, the team stumbles upon the real machinations of Dal Quor. — Watch live at


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