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Current Player Characters

  • Steve the Horsey (formerly Reeve Catorsi) – A grifter and gambler. Recently… “mysteriously” became part vampire. Prefers fighting with his bare fist, and getting up close and personal to lock down his foes.
  • Amaranthine Myriad – A so-called “immortal” artificer, obsessed with tinkering and technology. Seems to have an unstable relationship with portals and dimensional magics.
  • Buckthorn – A newcomer to this dimension, Buckthorn is more in tune with his Draconic heritage than most dragonborn. This mysterious traveler has a bit of a masochistic streak, too.

Former Player Characters

  • Zealot – Kappa Korp security Warforged. Had an odd personality drive, but could really swing and axe when push came to metaphorical shove.
  • Charles – Aging magician. Seemed to have a chaotic split personality; Charles would often begin suddenly speaking in a booming voice, and refer to himself only as “Abaddon.”
  • Destrem – Kappa Korp middle-manager. Served as adjunct captain of the party’s airship after a series of unfortunate events lead Kappa to reconsider Amaranthine’s qualifications.
  • Vod – A vampiric changeling, previously known as “Roxi,” with many other identities assumed before that. Many years ago, before the Year of Enlightenment, Vod founded a company on Eberron known as Erotecx.
  • Quinn – A Vryloka monk carrying the burden of the death of his family. Manifests his past trials and tribulations into furious attacks, giving him an edge against his opponents.


Main Page

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